Creating a PPC Campaign for Effective B2B Lead Generation

Creating a PPC Campaign for Effective B2B Lead Generation

Considering the volume of web users, businesses confront numerous opportunities to sell their products and services to their intended audiences. And in order for these opportunities to produce warranted results, enough attention has to be given to one’s B2B lead generation activities.

Marketing tasks need to be streamlined to produce quality B2B leads for one’s sales funnel, hence the use of numerous lead generation tools. For many businesses which put emphasis on online marketing, a PPC campaign is one of many effective marketing tools – perhaps the best! In fact, Capterra puts PPC as one of its top sources for business prospects in 2013.

But PPC remains to be a problem among managers. First of all, extra effort has to be exerted in determining site behavior. This is one issue that can easily be facilitated by an effective marketing analytics system. The real challenge, however, concerns the implementation of a PPC campaign that produces only qualified prospects or targets that conform to one’s audience profile.

This shouldn’t be difficult at all as it only requires proficiency in applying these PPC tips for a better lead generation experience.

Choose an appropriate search platform. It is important to consider the different platforms for a PPC campaign. Marketers have the option to pick Yahoo or Google AdWords. Singing up for these services comes will kick off your PPC ads, but it is still crucial to pick these services based on your needs.

Optimize your landing page. The essence of PPC services lies on directing the audience towards your landing page. That’s one thing, but convincing them to engage further is another, which only an effective landing page can help achieve. Thus, before having your PPC campaign up and running, you will need to establish a well-designed and compelling landing page. This means being conservative in design and straight to the point.

Write a compelling message. Now, central to PPC is the use of compelling messages. The messages should be brief and should contain enough convincing power to keep your audience interested. You can start off by presenting a problem or issue and teasing interested buyers by telling them you have the appropriate solutions.

Indeed, having a PPC campaign entails numerous benefits, but it also involves a great deal of effort to set up. While it would seem a wise option to manage your advertisements yourself, it would pose a better ROI once you partner up with a B2B firm that specializes in online lead generation.