Demand Generation and Lead Generation: An Unhealthy Relationship?

Demand Generation and Lead Generation An Unhealthy Relationship

There is a lot of talk regarding B2B marketing processes. The present climate has exacerbated the discourse about which marketing strategies offer a high turnout of quality B2B leads and revenue volume.

Two processes are central to the search for an efficient marketing formula. Demand generation ensures that a company gets the exposure it needs to attract potential B2B partners. It is anchored more on collating consumer interest, which is essential in driving lead traffic. Lead generation functions on capturing buyers and feeding the sales pipeline with a list of high quality contacts.

Too often, marketers are arguing which has more prominence in terms of cost efficiency and productivity. In a way, they seem to view these processes as though they are in constant opposition with one another. Moreover, the antagonism seems to polarize the B2B marketing world with one side prioritizing brand awareness and the other lead capturing.

It might have the characteristics of a brewing civil war. But in reality, this is not the case. To debunk the idea of conflicting B2B “ideologies,” we present a few pointers that show how businesses can prosper with both demand generation and lead generation.

Two branches, same tree.

The division between demands and leads are parallel that of marketing and sales. Though there are instances where everyone doesn’t get along with each other, there is no denying that both work for the same ends. Awareness creates interest, and interest translates directly to qualified B2B leads. In a way, both processes are part of the same structure and should deserve equal treatment.

A healthy symbiosis.

We learn in biology class that some animals resort help each other in order to survive. The rules of nature are never any different when applied to B2B marketing. Symbiosis particularly defines the relationship shared by demand generation and lead generation. Each helps the other in its own little way. For instance, the acquisition of B2B leads can help demand generation define its parameters. If you have bad leads, then it’s time to reevaluate your content campaign. An improved content campaign, in turn, would supply your sales pipeline with the right kind of people.

Suited for social media.

Without a doubt, both B2B processes benefit from the use of social media. Social platforms and blogs serve as effective avenues through which you could present your content to your intended audience. They can also effectively nurture your leads prior to an engagement with an appointment setter.

We can see that these basic marketing processes are never different. Nonetheless, you might need to formulate effective ways in order to bring out the best of lead generation and demand generation. And for this, you would need to ally with a B2B firm that knows how to make the perfect blend for you.