Effective Content Promotion for Lead Generation

Effective Content Promotion for Lead Generation

Like it or not, content is dominant in B2B lead generation. The facts speak for themselves. Nine out of 10 organizations use content as their main marketing tool, according to the Content Marketing Institute. Meanwhile, HubSpot’s State of Inbound Marketing report for 2014 found out that 41% of marketers have gained positive ROI through content.

As much as we want to be positive about these numbers, we still cannot ignore complex factors that come into play. Indeed, it involves much more than content creation and distribution. One has also have to make use of marketing research tools to measure buyer behaviors on which a lead generation strategy can be based. More importantly, there is a need to make effective use of appropriate social channels for promoting and publishing content.

To maximize your content experience, try these tips out:

Email. Email is definitely every marketer’s best friend. For lead nurturing activities, emails pretty much serve as effective tools for maintaining audience retention. The downside is that you can risk being repetitive sending individual prospects the same message over and over again. This can only diminish interest and ultimately reduce any likelihood of a conversion. Personalized emails in this case can help keep your audience within the pipeline.

Blogging. Company blogs are the channel of choice, especially for companies that offer products and services that are too complex and technical. Software, for instance, is difficult to sell considering that decision-makers are very articulate in choosing solutions that suit their companies’ needs. On your part, you will need to offer them engaging content updated regularly and in line with your target market’s industry.

Events. Statistics show that events like webinars and trade shows are the most effective lead generation channels for B2B enterprises. This is not surprising as nothing trumps company events in terms of direct engagement with industry players, network expansion and demand generation. Then again, they can also deal a great blow to your financial resources as well as your staff. To make your events worth the investment, you will need to consider marketing them through efficient ways.

LinkedIn. Social media platforms also allow for effective audience engagement. LinkedIn is especially designed to foster professional linkages. It can also be leveraged, through its advanced search option, to prospect for potential B2B leads and publish tailored-content.

With these tools, you can effectively distribute your content to your target demographics. Then again, you will need someone, perhaps a B2B outsourcing company, to manage your content channels.