Content is undoubtedly the driving force of an effective marketing campaign. And it continues to be as companies have taken the crucial step of establishing a stable presence online. Blogs and company web sites catering to B2B lead generation have sprung up like mushrooms. But if we are to settle with such a comparison, we may […]

Starfleet Media’s 2014 Benchmark Report on B2B Content Marketing Report sustained various key insights into how B2B companies can employ quality contents as drivers of an effective lead generation solution. Here’s the report summary: Content marketing’s cost and benefit analysis yields positive result. The top objectives of investing on content marketing are: increase brand visibility, […]

Suddenly, videos entered the marketing scene. But it’s not like videos were not used for marketing before (YouTube has been an advertising platform since forever). It’s just that marketers have begun using it more creatively and effectively, and right now it’s playing a major role in B2B lead generation, particularly in content marketing. Let’s look […]

Are we at that point when too much importance is being given to marketing tools and technology while forgetting the value of having a meaningful, personal marketing approach? B2B lead generation has evolved from simple data-gathering tactics into an entirely multi-faceted strategy that involves a lot of tools and instruments. It’s become so complicated that […]