Top Reasons why Lead Generation is (Allegedly) Difficult

Top Reasons why Lead Generation is (Allegedly) Difficul

In B2B marketing, nothing else presents bigger challenges than generating B2B sales leads. There is something about it that businesses tend to associate with tasks like rolling a boulder up a hill.

Impotent metaphors aside, some decision makers are currently looking for ways to develop an effective B2B lead generation campaign. Recent case studies have shown that businesses are dedicating a bulk of their marketing expenses for associated tasks, like landing page optimization and automated email. But oftentimes, the result is usually poor lead traffic, if not poor lead quality.

Whether we like it or not, lead generation will continue to be the top marketing issue among B2B companies. But why so?

Well, here are a few reasons by B2B marketers.

Planning is tedious.  It’s hard work coming up with ideas for a lead management plan. And it gets even harder when you are hard-pressed to find a campaign formula that could provide a good flow of profit and quality B2B leads. Patience and resourcefulness are needed in this area, but only a handful of marketers can pull it off.

Tracking ROI is difficult.  As a business manager, you are tasked to search for advantageous means to earn revenue. The initial step is to reserve a slice of your constant capital for purchasing software and other facilities for your lead management database. The problem here is that it’s very difficult to track ROI influx and ultimately determine whether your initial investments have increased profitability.

Content creation and distribution, more so. B2B marketing is driven by audience interest. In turn, audience interest is drive by content. And we can all agree that content is king – a really spoiled king. In fact, marketers are really devoted to it that they continually feed it with money and praise, without knowing if it can do anything important or not.

Researching market behavior is pure hell!  Now, this is a given. Tracking buyer preferences does not exactly involve hitting the right spot. And considering that most prospects within the B2B market are C-suite executives that base their decisions on specific problems, you would have to present the types of solutions that they should get.

Now, we cannot ignore these problems in the same way that we cannot ignore B2B lead generation. Because even though these problems exist, there’s nothing that stops B2B companies from finding apt solutions. One of these solutions is to hire a competent B2B outsourcing company with the much needed proficiency for your money’s worth.